Ki Energy

The New York
Ki Energy Wellness Center
13 West 122nd Street, Harlem N.Y. 10027
(bet. Lenox Avenue & Mount Morris Place)
Ki Energy is a natural and very effective way to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit. Since ancient times people  have acknowledged the existence of a creative force/energy that is flowing through and sustaining all life. Known as Ki or Chi in the East, it is what makes our hearts beat and determines our vitality and life

In modern life, people are increasingly low in energy, with long working hours, stress, fatigue and physical  ain. Masters at Ki Energy World help to relieve these symptoms, so that people have a better health and  well-being . We help individuals and communities by  living Ki Energy Treatments, Ki Training Classes and Family Healing.
By studying with the Masters, students will learn to keep energetic pathways open and harness Ki for themselves. The benefits are countless ranging from renewed health and an overall sense of wellbeing, to a life of longevity.

In the human body energy is circulated through a network of channels which we call the energy system. This system supplies Ki energy to all tile organs and cells. It connects us to the frequency of nature . Stress and negative emotions restrict the natural flow of energy, creating tension and energy blockages that become toxic. We begin to suffer from pain , low immunity and disease. Ki treatment is a natural way to restore the balance and harmony in the body.

Ki treatment uses sound and acupressure to transmit vital Ki energy to your whole body, relieving stress, pain and fatigue. The effect of the Ki treatment is immediate. Your body feels lighter, your head feels clearer, and our thinking and concentration is more focused.

New York Ki Energy Wellness Center
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