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some Results oF Scientific Research of Ki Treatment

Increased alpha waves-Stabilizing the brain

Alpha waves increased by an average of 20% after 5 minute Ki Treatment which shows that Ki Treatment stabilizes the brain.

International Journal of Neuroscience (2004) 114:1493-1502

Mental relaxation

Mental states, tension, alertness, tiredness, and depression, were measured by the Spieberg STAI-XI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-XI) and the Mood Checking Test. Subjects were measured before Ki Treatment, just after receiving Ki Treatment, and 1 hour after receiving Ki Treatment.

Complimentary Medicine in Therapies (2003) 11:159-164, Stress and HeaLTH (2001) 17:17:-24

Regulates Hormone Secretion

Cortisol which increases with stress, decreased by an average of 19% directly after Ki Treatment and decreased by an average of 39% 1 hour after receiving Ki Treatment. Melatonin which prevents stress and insomnia, and enhances immunity increase about an average of 11% after receiving Ki Treatment. Stress and Health (2001) 17: 17-24

Stronger Neutrophil function to fight against antigens

Neutrophils' power to kill antigens increased by an average of 1.4 times after receiving Ki Treatment. Stress and Health (2001) 17:17-24

Increased function of cancer killing immune cells

Natural killer cells' killing power against cancer cells (K562) increased by an average of 1.44 times after receiving Ki Treatment. When natural killer cells taken from blood received vital ki energy in lab, they showed  an average 1.5 times increase in their cancer cell killing power in comparison to that of natural  killer cells which did not receive vital  ki energy. Also when cancer cells received vital ki energy directly in the lab,  Stress and Health (2001) 17:17-22

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 Ki Energy Treatments  and Training  will reduce stress, improve the function of your immune systemther serices include: natural wellness options such as: homeopath

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